Dungarvan Ireland
        Between the Mountains and the Irish Sea

The Comeragh and Knockmealdown Mountains

Comeragh Mountains - Within a fifteen minute drive you will find the Comeragh mountains, famed for hiking, mountain lakes, and pony treks.

The Comeraghs are one of the most scenic ranges in Ireland with vast glacier sculpted valleys and towering cliffs covered in unusual wild flowers and inhabited by flocks of mountain sheep and goats, fallow deer, and peregrine falcons.


Dromana Bridge was just a pokey place to cross the Finish River until Lord Villiers Stuart married a high society bride in the mid-1800's. His tenants erected a fantastic Moorish castle made of paper maché over the bridge to greet the young bride.

She was so delighted that Villiers-Stuart decided to make the bridge a permanent fixture, and this incredible vision still graces Declan's Way.


The Knockmealdown Mountains are a cooler delight, and the crisp hill air favours some of the most remarkable rhododendron blooms to be found anywhere.

A spectacular view can be had from the heights. Mount Melleray Monastery and its nearby grotto to the Virgin Mary attracts pilgrims from throughout Ireland.

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